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We Don't Just Build Websites,
We Build Business!

You can spend a lot or nothing for a website. Or you can get results. We specialize in complete turnkey advertising solutions that will get you new customers the first day your advertising goes active.

Every website we create includes the tools and functionality to get you business FAST. Every website is carefully crafted to appeal to your customers, target your market, and get results. Every website has the tools to see who, where, and how customers interact with your advertising and internet presence.

Talk to Dave
When you call Dave White Multimedia, you'll talk to Dave. No answering systems or Muzak. You get straignt honest answers that you can trust, every time you ask.

Got a Website?
No Problem. We can improve your website's performace and get you as much business as you need. Or we can rebrand your business for a whole new look. Whatever you need,we can do.

Dont't Miss Mobile Users!
If your website doesn't work on a mobile device, you are losing a lot of your potential market. Now, more searches are done on mobile devices than on PCs. If your website is difficult to read or use on a mobile device, people will go elsewhere for products or services.

Responisve web design means that your website will appear differently depending upon the device being used. Not a different page, but the same page that recognizes the size of the screen and displays content in a way that is easy to read and use.

If you are viewing this page on a PC, drag the window smaller and watch what happens...

Google Rocks!

Search Engine Marketing is Cost Effective
By utilizing the excellent Google Suite of advertising tools, any business can enjoy the kind of targeted marketing that used to be available only to large companies and high-priced ad agencies.

It is now possible to advertise in your area to people who are looking for your product or service, see exactly who is visiting your site, and track every click and conversion.

We Are SEO Experts
We are SEO experts and we do thorough research to find the exact keywords and phrases to get your website noticed and selling. We incorporate this research into every aspect of your site design to ensure the absoulute best performance for your advertising dollar.

We offer a wide variety of creative services including: website development, email marketing, branding, video scripting and editing, graphic design, and copywriting. Advertising services include search engine optimization, search engine marketing, AdWords campaigns, email campaign management and social media advertising.

secrets of internet adevertising



Something different is not always better,
but something better is always different.
-Dave White

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