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Copywriting is Key.

Modern media is very visual. Because of that we often focus more on how advertising looks and less on what it says. It is well known that viewers take little time to form an opinion. But when a viewers attention is earned by visuals, ad copy must carry the message and make the sale. If that were all good copy needed to, any Journalism Major could do a reasonable job of writing copy for the internet. But that is not the case.

Because search engines also read page copy it is extremely important that the copy on your website has been written or edited by someone who understands search engine optimization. Your website copy should be focused on customer benefits, be clear and well organized, and repeat in proper proportion the keywords an phrases used in your meta tags and in your pay-per-click ad campaigns.

We offer SEO compliant copy, or copy and keyword research as a service to clients who wish to improve conversions as well as organic search rankings. Customers have reported large gains in traffic and conversions as a result of optimized copy, one even turning off his AdWords because he was in first page results for all his keywords.call dave white multimedia 760.505.2616

We offer a free basic evaluation of your site and search engine visibility. Comprehensive evaluations start at $99.

*Basic site evaluation includes review of home page copy and code and visibility research on Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines.

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