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Bulk email offers the kind of versatility that direct mail advertisers can only dream about. You can target different lists, and schedule delivery for times for when people are most likely to read and respond to an offer.

Bulk email costs a fraction of print mail, and you can generate or add to your list with a web page sign-up form. Bulk email is perfect for special offers, coupons, seasonal events and specials as well as a simple reminder to your clients. Bulk email serves to deliver newsletters as well, cutting the cost of delivery to almost nothing.

However, unlike print mailings, which can be sent unsolicited, bulk email and electronic newsletters cannot be sent to recipients who have not chosen to receive email from you. The CAN SPAM Act* mandates certain requirements for commercial communications. It can be tricky to comply with this law.

The solution is to use a email service like Mail Chimp. This service creates an opt-in mail delivery that allows recipients to choose to remove themselves from the mailing list when they like. By using a service like MailChim, you can rest assured that you are in compliance with the law. We use and recommend MailChimp for bulk email for its ease, excellent functionality, and low cost.

Using a service like MailChimp also allows for both HTML and text versions to be sent so that people who do not receive HTML email will receive your message. HTML email can contain images and formatting, but not animations or embedded content like video or Flash animations.

We offer a free basic evaluation of your compatibility with a bulk email program.

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