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Nielsen report on Social Media usage.

Don't Ignore Me!
It has become impossible for any serious internet marketer to ignore social media. Social media use among consumers has exploded in recent years and shows no sign of stopping. Facebook now has 1 billion active users, or one out of every seven people in the world. Nearly four in five active U.S. Internet users visit social networks and blogs. (See article here.)

Why Does it Matter?
It matters because so many people visit Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other Social Media sites almost daily. Creating a presence for your business in online communities can make the difference between just doing business and doing well. Social Media sites are improving and becoming more useful to businesses.

A Positive Message
Creating a Social Media presence for your business is always a good idea. We can supply content to you to or create custom presence with carefully selected and written material to ensure that your company presents a professional image.

How you and your business are perceived can be significantly affected by the content (or lack thereof) on these social media pages. Many people and businesses have social media pages on LinkedIn, FaceBook, MySpace, and Twitter. Sometimes they might have a Blog or YouTube Channel too. Yet, they have never considered how these sites may affect traffic on their business site or if the message is professional or consistent.

Every internet page that represents you or your business needs to be consistent and free of any inappropriate content. If your name is listed on your website, anyone can Google it and find your other websites. Not only should internet presence be professional, but every page should have links back to your business site and any other relevant pages you might have.

Social Media Remediation is a careful appraisal of your e-presence, an evaluation of possible areas of development, and the creation of a plan to achieve an effective use of social media to maximize your visibility and message..

Although this service is intended for businesses, it can be perfect for individuals who value how they are represented on the internet. Unlike services that ensure that there is no negative information in online databases, Social Media Remediation is effectively Internet Public Relations, for the fraction of the cost that a PR firm would charge.

Basic evaluations are free. Just email us the addresses of your existing social media sites, and we'll reply with an evaluation and recommendation regarding your internet presence.

*Basic social media evaluation includes review of three social media sites and visibility research on Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines.

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